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The teppan yaki is a style of cooking which grills a variety of food on a sizzling hot iron plate. It compromises both the traditional Japanese cuisine and the western cooking style. The originator of the teppan yaki style is the Japanese restaurant called Misono, which introduced this hot plate cooking in Japan in 1945. They soon found the cuisine was more popular with the westerners, who enjoyed both watching the fancy performance of the chefs preparing the food as well as the cuisine itself. The teppan yaki becomes very popular in America by Benihana House.

SUSHI & MORE is a takeout restaurant. We do not do the fancy performance to audience but focus on the essence of the teppan yaki by providing a fast and healthy food to the neighborhood. We do take-out and delivery services all the way to downtown and Brickell areas. We are proudly to offer you a choice to eat healthier.


If you are interested to try our food, please come to our store at 1981 SW 8th Street Unit B, Miami FL 33135. Our business hour is 11:00 AM to 10:30PM and we open 7 days a week. Our specialties are Teriyaki Whitemeat Chicken, Teriyaki Beef and Hibachi Shrimp. We will be sure you will have a great value of meal. 

As we mentioned before, we do a quick  food delivery service. Please call us at (305) 643-0988 or (305) 643-0987. We provide a free delivery if your location is within 10 blocks from us; any other farther than that, there is a charge applied.